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LightTools 2024.03

LightTools 2024.03

LightTools version 2024.03 provides capabilities that make LightTools a more efficient, versatile illumination analysis and design tool than ever before.

Key improvements include:

  • Sequence ray tracing, an innovative simulation mode for even faster analysis of stray light paths.
  • A global optimization engine that can be used to explore a broader solution space – a new method that supplements the capabilities of the local optimization engines available in previous releases
  • The capability to include temperature and pressure variations for the index of refraction. This capability lets you model environmental effects in CODE V and transfer the model to LightTools in an Optical System File.
  • Expanded capabilities for thin film stack coatings enable designers to easily modify a stack in LightTools. You can adjust the layer thicknesses, add and remove layers, add and change materials, and more.
  • Increased flexibility for geometric modeling with parametric controls by adding aliases and pickups for arrays of tabular data. With grid aliases, grid pickups, grid parameters and grid expressions, you can generate and manipulate a variety of inputs and outputs to generate complex shapes.   

For details about these and many other enhancements in this release, see the LightTools Release Notes on SolvNetPlus.

If you have any questions about features in this release, please contact

LucidDrive 2024.03

LucidDrive 2024.03

LucidDrive night-driving simulation version 2024.03 helps you visualize and test your headlamp designs on a virtual road.

Features include:

  • Pixel light baseline layer
  • Light data storage
  • Vehicle roll improvement
  • Trigger point scripts for lamp switching

For details about these and many other enhancements in this release, see the LucidDrive Release Notes on SolvNetPlus.

If you have any questions about features in this release, please contact

RSoft Photonic Device Tools 2023.12-SP1

RSoft Photonic Device Tools 2023.12-SP1

A service release of the RSoft Photonic Device Tools, version 2023.12-SP1 is now available. This release includes:

  • A new capability for DiffractMOD to use a Non-Orthogonal Unit Cell.  The attached image shows a BSDF for a structure embedded in a non-orthogonal lattice with an angle of 60 deg, corresponding to a hexagonal lattice.  The angle can range from 0 to 180, exclusive.
  • In addition to the above, support for BSDFs generated with the above new feature is available in the BSDF Viewer, the RSoft LightTools UDOP, and partial support exists in MetaOptic Designer for lattices understood in that tool.
  • The RSoft LightTools UDOP is now part of the LightTools MetaOptic Design Add-On and includes new support for spatially varying BSDFs.
  • A new capability for MetaOptic Designer to output far-field on a screen at a given distance, in addition to the existing polar plot versus angle.

If you have any questions about features in this release, please contact

PanDao logo

New CODE V Macro

The PanDao tool is a software tool which simulates the fabrication chain from the design data. The output PanDao generates includes necessary optical fabrication techniques, optimum fabrication chain, and cost. You can now use a macro (Export_CODEV_PanDao_8.seq) to export the system data and tolerances from CODE V into a PanDao input format.
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