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RSoft Photonic Device Tools

Learn about expanded support for metalens design and multiphysics simulations, as well as availability of the RSoft Photonic Device Tools on Synopsys Cloud.


Learn how to convert imported surfaces to parameterized freeform lens surfaces by watching our 10-minute video on the Synopsys Learning Center.

Visit us at LightFair Booth 1628 in New York on May 23-25

SmartStart Library Updates

The SmartStart Library includes optical properties and materials for commercially available diffusers, reflectors, mold textures, plastics, and glasses to help designers model optical systems with greater accuracy and physical realism. It is available as a separate module in LightTools and LucidShape.

Synopsys regularly adds content to the SmartStart Library on SolvNetPlus. The latest updates include additional optical properties and materials from well-known manufacturers including MOCOM, Trinseo, Rhoem and Sabic. Additionally, some new catalogs were added for Microrelleus, Exolon, and Plaskolite.

To achieve the most accurate simulation results, we recommend downloading and replacing those datasets in your downloaded SmartStart Library with these newly published ones.

To access the SmartStart library updates and installation instructions:

  1. Log into SolvNetPlus.
  2. Click one of the following links:

If you are not currently licensing the SmartStart Library and would like to learn more, read our datasheet. You can also contact the SmartStart Library team at

Upcoming Events

Introduction to CODE V

Learn the basics of modeling, analyzing, optimizing, and tolerancing image-forming optical systems using CODE V, including hands-on workshops.

May 22–25, 2023
Online via zoom

North America (in-person):
June 12–14, 2023
Pasadena, CA

Synopsys Optical Design Day

Learn the latest developments in CODE V, LightTools, and RSoft Photonic Device Tools to design any optical product. Network with Synopsys experts and your industry peers.

May 23, 2023 
Herzliya, Israel 

LucidShape User Group Meetings

This year’s topics include lighting design application examples and tips for effective product simulations.

June 19–20, 2023
Munich, Germany
Evening reception on June 19

July 11, 2023
Novi, Michigan

LucidShape User Group Meeting | Synopsys

Learning Opportunities

Illumination Fundamentals, Theory, and Application

Deepen your understanding of the science of illumination optics when you attend this online course, starting in July.

Illumination Fundamentals | Synopsys

Join Us for Upcoming Tech Talks

Color Analysis and Measurements in LucidShape CAA V5 Based

May 16, 2023, 10:00-11:00 a.m. PDT

Learn how LucidShape CAA V5 Based supports spectral simulations for physically accurate colorimetric results in all product development stages.

Americas and Europe

  • Improving Your AR/VR Design Simulations with Optical Scattering Measurements (May 11)
  • Interferograms in CODE V (May 17 and 24)
  • Advanced Analysis and Optical Measurements in LightTools (June 15 and 22)
  • Process Variation Impact on Photonic Devices: How Lithographic Techniques Affect Optical Performance (June 2 and 6)
  • Efficient BSDF Generation Using RSoft Photonic Device Tools: Tips and Tricks (July 4 and 11)


India and Thailand

  • Visualization in LucidShape CAA V5 Based (May 17)
  • MacroFocal Freeform Design Feature for Reflectors and Lenses (June 21)

Upcoming Training


  • Introduction to CODE V (May 22–25)
  • Advanced Topics in CODE V (June 19–21)



  • LucidShape CAA V5 Based Advanced Training (May 30–June 1)
  • LucidShape Discovery Training (June 6)



  • Introduction to LightTools (May 22–25)
  • Selected Topics in LightTools (June 12–15)


RSoft Photonic Device Tools

  • RSoft Photonic Device Tools Discovery Training (May 17)

Product Help Articles

Browse our expanding library of technical articles about a particular topic or learn a new tip on any of our software. First, log into SolvNetPlus, and then browse the collection of articles:

SolvNetPlus | Synopsys

Latest Articles:

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