In this 30 minute webinar, you will learn about the new capabilities available in LightTools 2024.03, available now!

LightTools version 2024.03 provides capabilities that make LightTools a more efficient, versatile illumination analysis and design tool than ever before.

Key improvements include:

  • Sequence ray tracing, an innovative simulation mode for even faster analysis of stray light paths.
  • A global optimization engine that can be used to explore a broader solution space – a new method that supplements the capabilities of the local optimization engines available in previous releases
  • The capability to include temperature and pressure variations for the index of refraction. This capability lets you model environmental effects in CODE V and transfer the model to LightTools in an Optical System File.
  • Expanded capabilities for thin film stack coatings enable designers to easily modify a stack in LightTools. You can adjust the layer thicknesses, add and remove layers, add and change materials, and more.
  • Increased flexibility for geometric modeling with parametric controls by adding aliases and pickups for arrays of tabular data. With grid aliases, grid pickups, grid parameters and grid expressions, you can generate and manipulate a variety of inputs and outputs to generate complex shapes.


Groot Gregory

Technical Product Management Director,  LightTools Product Manager
Synopsys, Inc. 

Groots interests in optics include optical design and analysis software, the design and deployment of optical instrumentation, and the promotion of the science though professional society involvement and education outreach.

Groot is member of the OSA, IES, SID and a Fellow of SPIE, he has degrees in Physics, Mathematics and Optics from the University of Rochester.

Groot Gregory

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