Verification IP for Arm AMBA Protocols

Synopsys VIP for the Arm® AMBA® protocols provides a complete solution for verification of AMBA- based SoC Interconnects and IP Blocks. Synopsys has collaborated for many years with Arm in the development and testing of its VIP for the full range of protocols from AMBA 5 CHI, AMBA AXI/ACE to APB. The VIP is extensively tested in conjunction with Arm interconnects, including the CCI and CCN family of interconnects, and includes specific test sequences, coverage points and checks targeted at verification of these interconnects.

VC Verification IP for Arm AMBA, Arm VIP, AMBA VIP

The Synopsys AMBA VIP product provides access to all protocols up to AMBA 5 CHI including APB, ATB, AHB, AHB-Lite, AXI4, AXI4-Lite, ACE, ACE-Lite, ACE Stream. It also includes a configurable executable Interconnect Model and System Monitor for checking of coherency.

The Synopsys VC SoC AutoTestbench solution enables easy and quick integration and configuration of hundreds of coherent and non-coherent AMBA ports and corresponding VIP instances. It is an available option for automatic SoC testbench generation.

The Synopsys VC VIP AutoPerformance solution for Arm AMBA protocol is based on the Arm traffic profile specification, enabling users to define traffic profiles for measurement of performance metrics like throughput, latency etc., and the stimulus is driven by VC VIP for AMBA (CHI/ACE/AXI).

Compliance Test Suites are available and included with the AMBA VIP to assist in compliance testing of SoC Interconnects that leverages the AMBA protocols.