Create Superior Automotive Optical Systems

Headlight design software | Synopsys

From headlights to back-up cameras, we have the right solutions for all automotive lighting design needs.  Our industry-leading, easy-to-use software and expert support will help you:

  • Develop and deliver high-quality designs 
  • Create designs that save money on manufacturing
  • Get your product to market faster
  • Meet regulations and customer requirements
  • Gain access to the SmartStart Material library of materials and media commonly used in the design of automotive lighting systems

A Tool for Every Type of Optical System

Discover which software is right for you

CODE V optical systems software | Synopsys

Optical sensors for automotive applications using Photonic Solutions | Synopsys

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Accurate Material and Surface Properties for Simulations

Enhance the realism of your automotive simulations with our optical measurement services and equipment. Have precision light scatter data at your fingertips to save time and reduce development costs. 

Optical Scattering Measurements | Synopsys


Need More Design Help?

Our team of optical engineering consultants can help you with your design projects–at any stage in the product development process.

Optical Engineering Consulting | Synopsys