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Combine the Power of CODE V and LightTools

New and improved interoperability features between CODE V and LightTools enable designers to easily simulate optical systems that contain imaging and non-imaging components and save product development time. CODE V surface-based models are automatically converted to solid models in LightTools for high fidelity optical product simulations. Design updates are seamlessly maintained between the products, including all optical properties, receivers, and sources.

CODE V for Imaging Design

  • Built-in optimization intelligence that gives you the best design solutions, as fast as possible
  • Wavefront Differential Tolerancing algorithm provides the fastest, most accurate tolerancing to reduce manufacturing costs
  • Powerful, efficient diffraction analysis

LightTools for Illumination Analysis

  • Sophisticated solid modeling with full optical accuracy and state-of-the-art ray tracing speed
  • Multiple optimization engines that are specially tailored to solve illumination and stray light challenges
  • Advanced stray light analysis to pinpoint and correct issues early in the design process—including ghost images and flare
CODE V for imaging design and LightTools for illumination design | Synopsys

Easily Import and Update Your Model

  • Transfer a CODE V lens file to LightTools with ease and accuracy.
  • When importing a CODE V model into LightTools, LightTools will automatically convert surface-based models into solid models.
  • Maintain the surface geometry from CODE V while optical properties, receivers, sources are applied in LightTools.
  • Work in a seamless, iterative design environment.
  • As your design changes, you can apply updates from CODE V into LightTools with a click of a button.
  • Develop your best design as fast and as error-free as possible and save valuable time.

"The improved communication between them in this major software upgrade is a complete game changer. "
"Design tasks have been simplified. The time required to optimize imaging and non-imaging aspects has been dramatically reduced. The software solutions from Synopsys enable our team to continue delivering next-generation optical innovations to the market."

-Olga Resnik, Co-Founder of JOYA Team

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