About Platform Architect for Multi-Die

Synopsys Platform Architect for Multi-Die is a SystemC™ standards-based performance and power analysis tool for early architecture exploration of multi-die designs. It accounts for the interdependencies between multiple dies (also referred to as chiplets) within multi-die systems.

Platform Architect for Multi-Die helps optimize hardware-software partitioning, IP selection and configuration, interconnect and memory configuration, and power under consideration of the die-to-die interfaces. The solution includes a die-to-die model, including UCIe, as part of its library portfolio to compose a multi-die system for early architecture exploration.

Platform Architect for Multi-Die is part of the comprehensive Synopsys Multi-Die System Solution for accelerated heterogeneous integration and system disaggregation. The solution, including EDA and IP products, enables early architecture exploration, rapid software development and system validation, efficient die/package co-design, robust and secure die-to-die connectivity, and enhanced manufacturing and reliability.

Key Benefits

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Multi-die Support

Accounts for the Interdependencies Between Multiple Dies within Multi-die Systems

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Power Optimization

SoC Interconnect and Memory Subsystem Performance and Power Optimization

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Partitioning & Optimization

Hardware-Software Partitioning and IP Selection and Configuration

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Efficient Exploration

Traffic Generation & Cycle-Accurate TLM Interconnect Models


  • Support for multi-die system architectures with die-to-die models, including UCIe
  • Largest library of architecture models
  • Fastest capture of task and trace-based SW workloads
  • Application specific support (AI, automotive, networking, , others)
  • System-level power analysis based on IEEE-1801 UPF power monitors
  • Intuitive analysis of tradeoffs and KPIs
  • Fast design space sweeping and sensitivity analysis


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