Verification IP for Memory

Synopsys VIP for memory leverages the same proven, 100% native SystemVerilog UVM architecture as Synopsys interface and bus VIP. It offers the same advantages for ease of use, ease of integration and performance and includes verification plans, built-in coverage and support of the Verdi® Protocol Analyzer protocol-aware memory debug environment. Memory VIP is a complete verification IP solution that accelerates verification closure for designers of memory controllers and SoCs.

Memory VIP can be configured on-the-fly by part number or attribute to rapidly verify interfaces against a range of components without the need to recompile. The DDR memory VIP also includes built-in support for DIMM, RDIMM and LRDIMM configurations: A single instantiation of the memory can be configured on-the-fly as any DIMM, removing the need to instantiate multiple components and implement buffering.

Through our close collaboration with Synopsys to develop the next-generation memory technologies, we enable mutual customers to successfully adopt the latest memory solutions."

Jinman Han


Senior Vice President, Samsung

Memory Model Certification

Synopsys provides a comprehensive set of DRAM and Flash Memory VIP that support the latest ratified and draft specifications from standards organizations such as JEDEC, ONFi, SD, and SPI. Synopsys’ VIP team works closely with leading memory vendors to certify 100% compatibility with their manufactured parts. Synopsys Memory VIP is used by memory controller and PHY IP design teams for verification sign off using run time and random JEDEC, vendor part selection, protocol, timing checks, and functional coverage. The early adoption and collaboration with leading memory vendors, SoC market makers, and industry leading IP teams certify the quality of Synopsys Memory VIP.

Memory Model Diagram

DRAM Memory

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