CODE V Hardware and System Requirements

For additional information on specific platforms and hardware requirements, or for CODE V software pricing information, call us or send mail to

Operating systems supported

  • Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows 11, 64-bit, with the latest updates
  • Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 and Windows Server Standard 2016 with the latest updates*
*You must use a floating license to run CODE V on Microsoft Windows Server Standard.

RAM required

  • 2 GB minimum, 3 GB recommended
  • 4 GB recommended for parallel processing with 8 or more cores*

* Parallel processing is supported by CODE V's optimization and Beam Synthesis Propagation features. Use of 4 GB RAM requires a 64-bit version of Windows

Display Resolution

  • 768 pixels, minimum vertical resolution
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels or higher, recommended resolution
Available USB port
  • Required for CODE V license dongle


  • Intel or AMD processors that support x64
  • CODE V includes several built-in optical analyses that support multi-processing on PCs with multiple cores. These functions include optimization, Beam Synthesis Propagation, and select Macro-PLUS functions.
  • Intel Itanium processors are not supported

PDF Viewer

  • The documents in the CODE V Documentation Library are provided as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. You are able to view PDF files in any PDF viewer but they may not support PDF features such as links that you can click to jump to another document. To use full PDF features, you must have Acrobat Reader version 8.x or higher installed on your computer and set as your default PDF viewer. Note that for many systems, the default PDF viewer is a browser (e.g., Edge, Chrome).