Optical Solutions Resources on SolvNetPlus

New to SolvNetPlus? Learn how to navigate and find Optical Solutions resources on SolvNetPlus in this 6-minute video.

SolvNetPlus Account Help

Create a SolvNetPlus account at http://solvnetplus.synopsys.com/ to download installation and license files, access knowledge articles, production documentation, on-demand eLearning content and more.

Contact us optics@synopsys.com if you need assistance. 

Navigating SolvNetPlus

SolvNetPlus Documentation


  • Displays available Synopsys product documentation, including Optical Solutions products.  Documentation can also be found via search.
  • The main documentation is in English, with links to non-English documentation knowledge articles.
  • Documentation will still be provided with the software; however, this is a another way to view/find/search documentation.
SolvNetPlus Training


  • Navigates to the Synopsys Learning Center with eLearning content and recorded webinars.
  • The course catalog can be filtered in a variety of ways, including by product and language.  
  • In addition to English courses, there are also a selection of courses available in other languages.
SolvNetPlus Downloads


  • Download software and licenses for Synopsys products
SolvNetPlus Knowledge Articles

Knowledge Articles

Browse our extensive library of articles.

  • The knowledge articles are accessible through the SolvNetPlus Articles tab and can be located via the search box.
  • Articles can be saved to a Saved Article list.
  • To assist with finding articles in SolvNetPlus, use the SolvNetPlus search bar which is described below or you can browse articles starting at the Collection of Optical and Photonic Solutions Knowledge Article in SolvNetPlus.
  • SolvNetPlus knowledge articles contain a wide variety of product materials including frequently asked questions, macros, and example files.

Accessing articles

SolvNetPlus Support Cases

Support Cases

Provides access to support cases, past and current, in the SolvNetPlus system via the Cases tab.

Searching SolvNetPlus Knowledge Base Articles

The SolvNetPlus Knowledge Base features a collection of searchable articles covering many topics of Synopsys tools, including Optical Solutions tools. You can find articles a couple ways:

  1. At the top of the SolvNet page is a search bar. You can enter keywords to search for articles containing those keywords. Once the search results appear, you can continue to filter search results by the source and product:
Searching SolvNetPlus With Filters | Synopsys

2. An article list is available by clicking on the Articles tab. From here, you can view your list of saved articles, or choose All Articles. In the article list, you can filter by product, title, date published, type, and number.

Searching SolvNetPlus Articles | Synopsys