Before Requesting CODE V, LightTools, LucidShape and RSoft License Codes and Product Updates

Before you request license codes and product updates for CODE V, LightTools, LucidShape and RSoft Photonic Device Tools, please read the following instructions.

  • If you have licensed the products directly from the Optical Solutions Group at Synopsys,  go to the SolvNetPlus site to request license codes or product updates.
  • If you have licensed the products through one of our international distributors, contact them directly for license codes and product updates. View our contact list by country.

Product-Specific Guide and Downloads

SolvNetPlus resources are available to eligible users only.

Floating License Manager

A floating license allows you to run CODE V, LightTools, or LucidShape Product on any computer on the same network as the license server. Contact for details about using a floating license. The CODE V, LightTools, and LucidShape installation guides include instructions for obtaining and installing the floating license manager in Chapter 3.

For direct-sales customers, the OSG Floating License Manager is available on SolvNet under the CODE V, LightTools, and LucidShape product downloads sections. See Appendix A of the CODE V, LightTools, and LucidShape installation guides for further details. The latest version of this software is compatible with all versions of CODE V and LightTools, as well as the LucidShape family of products. 

For customers working with distributors, please contact your local CODE V, LightTools, or LucidShape Product software distributor to obtain the OSG Floating License Manager.

Legacy USB Driver

The Sentinel SuperPro USB driver (v 7.6.0) is available for download below. This driver is used by CODE V and LightTools to communicate with legacy USB dongles that have a Host ID starting with 80-. Note, the current dongles, Sentinel HL dongles that have a Host ID starting with 400-, are driverless and do not require the driver below.

Installing the driver can often resolve issues related to reading the Sentinel SuperPro dongle. This is particularly true if you have other software packages installed that also use a Sentinel Security USB dongle, due to different versions of the driver being used. Reinstalling this driver may resolve some licensing problems, such as Error 6.

To install or reinstall this driver:

1. The Sentinel USB dongle should not be attached to the PC.

2. Go to the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features, and look for an existing Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.6.0. If the driver is already present and you're having issues reading the device, remove the existing driver.

3. Download and install the driver from the link on this page.

4. Plug the USB dongle into the PC.

5. Start CODE V or LightTools.

Installing the RSoft Photonic Device Tools

Make sure you have the license file, installer(s), and USB dongle (if applicable) that corresponds to the software you are installing.

  • Windows: Run the installer, selecting the license mode: Nodelocked licenses are standalone copies of the software used on one computer, Network licenses are shared among different computers. Select the license file (nodelocked or network server only) or the SCL  license server (network client only) when prompted.
  • Linux: See instructions in the Installation Guide below.

Download the Photonic Solutions Installation Guide with detailed instructions for installing on Windows or Linux operating systems. Contact in case you experience issues with installation or enabling the licenses.

Contact Us

For help or questions using the software, email Tech Support.

For questions with your download links or license key files, contact