Give Your Optical Designs a Boost

CODE V's features help you make better optical designs with less effort and less time.

How do you choose the right optical design software? Download our technical paper to find out how.

Increase Productivity

CODE V has the best optimization in the industry, helping you create the best design solutions as fast as possible.

CODE V Built-In Intelligence Saves Time | Synopsys
Save money with CODE V | Synopsys

Save Money

CODE V balances performance and manufacturing sensitivity to lower the manufacturing cost of your designs.

Faster Time to Market

CODE V helps you create designs that work right the first time—and get your products to market faster.

CODE V Built-In Intelligence Saves Time | Synopsys

The Best Support in the Industry

Our customer success team is anchored by experienced optical engineers who are CODE V experts. If you ever need help, our team is available, along with videos, documentation, tutorials, example models, and more. 

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