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Every download and trial license of CODE V comes with Global Synthesis to help you start off on the right foot.

Solve design problems faster and more easily than with other approaches, such as genetic algorithms or simulated annealing. Find a solution in just a few minutes for smaller problems to a few hours or overnight for complex ones.

Solve complex problems with a large number of variables and many constraints, including zoom lenses. Get multiple solutions that all meet the required constraints.

How Does it Work?

Global Synthesis works in three easy steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Starting Point

Pick a point – any ray-traceable point. Pick your merit function and define your constraints (such as focal length, packaging, and distortion).

Step 2: Put Global Synthesis To Work

Have Global Synthesis start its search for possible designs. Global Synthesis will deliver many optimized solutions, all meeting your needs, and sometimes including one global minimum.

Step 3: Select Your Final Design

You can then select and analyze the most promising design and refine one or more to a final design. Global Synthesis may find a new and improved configuration, or it may verify that your original configuration was the best after all.

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