Verification IP for GDDR6

Synopsys® Verification IP for JEDEC GDDR6 provides a comprehensive set of protocol, methodology, verification, and productivity features, enabling users to achieve accelerated verification closure of GDDR6 based designs. The VC VIP is based on next generation architecture and implemented in native SystemVerilog/UVM. VIP is natively integrated with Verdi® Protocol and Memory Analyzer for easy and fast debug and Verdi Performance Analyzer to find and fix performance bottle necks.

Memory Model Certification

Synopsys provides a comprehensive set of DRAM and Flash Memory VIP that support the latest ratified and draft specifications from standards organizations such as JEDEC, ONFi, SD, and SPI. Synopsys’ VIP team works closely with leading memory vendors to certify 100% compatibility with their manufactured parts. Synopsys Memory VIP is used by memory controller and PHY IP design teams for verification sign off using run time and random JEDEC, and vendor part selection, protocol, and timing checks, and functional coverage. The early adoption and collaboration with leading memory vendors, SoC market makers, and industry leading IP teams certify the quality of Synopsys Memory VIP.


  • Native SystemVerilog/UVM
  • Access to vendor specifications
  • Runs natively on major simulators
  • Runtime JEDEC and vendor part selection 
  • Verification plan and coverage
  • Built-in protocol and timing checks
  • Verdi Protocol and Memory Analyzer
  • Built-in performance analysis metrics
  • Dynamic reconfiguration
  • Backdoor memory/mode registers access
  • Bypass/fast initialization
  • Trace file and debug ports for easy debug
Verification IP for DDR5


GDDR specification JESD205C

16 bank and bank group modes

DDR and QDR data rate support

Memory densities (4Gb to 16Gb per channel)

All data rates (16Gbps/pin, 14Gbps/pin, 12Gbps/pin)

All commands

All mode registers

GDDR6 trainings

RDQS and DQ preamble

EDC half and full rate support

CRC half and full rate support

WRITE Data mask function

Data bus inversion (DBI) & Command Address bus inversion (CABI)

x8/x16 mode configuration

Pseudo-channel mode (PC mode) configuration

Support PRBS


All GDDR6 trainings

  • Command address
  • WCK2CK
  • Read and write

Data Bus Inversion/Command Bus Inversion

All Mode Registers support covering the settings like WL/RL,CRCWL/CRCRL

x8/x16 mode configuration

RDQS and DQ preamble

EDC Full and Half Rate

CRC Full and Half Rate

Write Data Mask Function

IEEE.1149.1 Boundary Scan

Callbacks for error generation and commands tracking

Access to internal states of the model

Static/dynamic reconfiguration for timing and configuration settings

Skew support (WCK and DQ/DBI pins)

User configurable logical addressing

Customized setup/hold violation checks

Built-in protocol and timing checks

Functional coverage model and verification plan

Analysis port for score-boarding

Synopsys Verdi Protocol Analyzer and Performance Analyzer

JEDEC and Vendor Part Numbers

Synopsys VIP supports generic JEDEC part numbers with densities ranging from 8Gb to 32Gb, data rates up to 8800 Mbps, and bus width from X4 to X16. It supports core timings according to specific frequencies and densities. Synopsys collaborates with leading memory vendors, including Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron, and Nanya for support of specific vendor part numbers, as they are made available. It also provides a configuration to model all possible JEDEC part numbers virtually. The virtual part number feature enhances productivity, as user need not to request and wait for delivery of the required part number from Synopsys.

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