Glass Catalog Updates for CODE V and LightTools

Last Update: March 2024

To update the glass catalog files for CODE V and LightTools to the latest version, download the following files to the specified product installation directory. See History of CODE V and LightTools Glass Database Changes for version information. 

Important notes:

  • Glass catalog files installed with CODE V and LightTools are current as of the product release date. The glass catalog files are updated periodically with manufacturer-supplied data. Updated files are tested with the current product release and may be downloaded from this page. While the glass catalogs may be used in older product versions, they will not have been tested in the older versions. The user should confirm that the downloaded glass catalogs function correctly in any older product version used. Synopsys highly recommends that users update to the most recent version of CODE V and LightTools. 
  • The current glass catalog files and macro data files are compatible only with CODE V version 11.5 FCS or later. The current glass catalog files are compatible only with LightTools 2022.03 or later. 
  • The products should not be running when you copy the new glass catalog files to their respective installation folders. 


1. Update glass catalog files for CODE V and LightTools:

Download the file and extract the XML files to the <CODEV installation folder >\GLASS folder or the <LightTools installation folder>\Glass\xml folder. The files include the complete material database for homogeneous glasses.

2. Update the glass catalog data files for CODE V macros (not applicable to LightTools):

Download the file and extract its contents to the  <CODEV installation directory>\MACRO folder.

These files are used by:

  • GlassExpert.seq (Optimization > Glass Expert)
  • GLASSFIT.seq (Lens > Glass Fitting), 
  • VP_PLOT.seq (supplied macro used for computing and plotting the index, dispersion, and partial dispersion for selected glasses) 
  • DNDTCALC.seq (supplied macro used for computing absolute dn/dT values for materials in which the vendor has supplied dn/dT coefficients). 

The supplied macros can be accessed in the Tools > Macro Manager menu under Sample Macros.