Upgrade Your Illumination Designs

Is the performance or cost of your illumination system critical to the success of your products? LightTools will increase your engineering productivity, enable faster time-to-market, and give you the competitive edge you need.

Solve Design Challenges

Whatever your ultimate design goal is — better energy efficiency, brighter illumination with fewer sources, or optimized light distribution — LightTools provides you with an industrial strength toolkit to make it happen. Every release offers innovative new capabilities.

Automatically Get The Best Design Solution

Our groundbreaking illumination optimization capabilities are fully integrated, making it easy to define your performance criteria and let LightTools do the heavy lifting to find the best design solution.

Easier Visualization

Focus on design, not typing numbers into spreadsheets or constructing complicated macros. Jumpstart your system design and predict performance with LightTools’ application-specific tools to save hours or even days of setup and analysis time.

Quickly Handle Complex Geometry

LightTools helps you engineer solutions for getting light through a system and model unusually shaped optical components or geometrically complex fixed portions of the system.

Accuracy You Can Count On

Count on designs completed with LightTools to have accurate as-built performance, helping you get manufactured products to market faster.

Increase Productivity

LightTools’ advanced design and analysis capabilities, combined with its ease of use, will help you get more done in less time.

The Best Support In The Industry

Our customer success team is anchored by highly skilled optical engineers who are LightTools experts. If you ever need help, our team is available, along with videos, documentation, tutorials, example models, and more. 

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