LightTools has multiple modules that can be licensed in various configurations to best match your needs

Core Module

The Core Module provides graphical 3D solid modeling functionality for creating and visualizing optical and opto-mechanical systems, including the capability to specify properties for materials and optical surfaces. Productivity-enhancing features include an intuitive user interface, libraries of task- and application-specific utilities and example systems, programming extensions for automating workflow, and photorealistic renderings of mechanical models.

The LightTools Core Module is a prerequisite for all other LightTools modules.

Illumination Module

Enables designers to simulate and analyze light as it traverses the optical and mechanical components in a model. Includes state-of-the-art Monte Carlo ray tracing for accurate predictions of intensity, luminance, and illuminance throughout the model, as well as powerful illumination analysis capabilities.

Advanced Design Module

Provides a set of specialized tools to enable fast, robust modeling of reflective and refractive freeform optics in both single-surface and segmented configurations for a diverse set of illumination applications.

LightTools SmartStart Library Module

Provides access to a library of materials and media commonly used in the design of optical systems. Includes refractive index and absorption data as well as pre-defined volume scatter and BSDF materials.

Imaging Path Module

Defines an imaging path based on sequential optical surfaces and perform lens analyses. The Imaging Path capability can be used directly in LightTools or in conjunction with CODE V.

Data Exchange Module

Provide import and export capabilities for industry-standard CAD file formats, including IGES, STEP, SAT, CATIA V4 and V5, and Parasolid formats.

Distributed Simulation Module

Distributes Monte Carlo ray tracing over multiple computers to speed simulations of complex optical models.

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