Get Expert Illumination Engineering Help

Use our decades of experience to quickly realize your design goals for a broad range of systems — from LED optics to solar collectors, projection displays or unique illumination products.

Our illumination engineers are expert users of Synopsys’ LightTools and LucidShape software products.

Industries that we serve include:

  • General illumination
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Medical
  • Displays
  • Consumer products
  • Military

Rely on Our Expertise

From general illumination to backlit displays, we have done it all.

Here are some examples of past projects.

Light Sources and General Lighting | Synopsys
Illumination Display Design | Synopsys
Automotive Lighting Design | Synopsys

Sources and General Illumination Systems

Display Systems

Automotive Lighting

  • LED luminaires
  • LED backlights (RGB and W)
  • LED light engines
  • LED light pipes
  • LED beam-shaping optics
  • Freeform reflectors
  • Freeform refractive lenses
  • Medical lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Camera flashes
  • Illuminators for imaging applications
  • Street lights
  • Machine vision illumination
  • Entertainment lighting
  • Medical instruments
  • Instrument clusters
  • Aviation lighting
  • Fiber optic illumination
  • Modeling of volumetric scattering materials
  • Custom LightTools macro development
  • Photorealistic renderings for concept design

  • Backlight units
  • Projection systems
  • Micro-optic films
  • Light guides
  • Frustrated TIR and surface computing
  • NVIS displays
  • Mobile devices

  • Electronic displays, including instrument clusters, flat panel backlit displays, LED light guides and OLED displays
  • Interior lighting, including reading and mirror lamps, LED light guides for interior coves, and diffuser characterization and modeling
  • Exterior lighting, including LED, halogen and HID headlamps, projector lamps and lens design, freeform reflectors for headlamps and signal lamps
  • Navigation, including IR illumination systems, heads-up displays, LIDAR and proximity detection

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