Get Expert Optical Imaging Design Help

Our imaging optical engineers have done it all — from conceptual design through fabrication, assembly and optical testing. Whether you need a project solution from start to finish, or need help with a step in the middle, we know what it takes to create design solutions that tick all of your boxes.

We have experience in a wide range of industries and projects — from designing endoscopes and telescopes to developing optical components for children’s toys and technical dive masks.

Projects that we have worked on include:

  • Medical imaging systems
  • Military optics
  • Advanced lithography and inspection
  • Digital imaging
  • Zoom lenses
  • Spectrometers
  • Telecommunications
  • AR/VR
  • Satellite imagery
  • Machine vision

Optical Designs That Work — The First Time

We strive to provide everyone with world-class, cost-effective solutions that achieve your quality, performance, packaging, weight, schedule and budget goals.

Using the superior engineering capabilities of CODE V, the industry-leading optical design software, we develop accurate designs quickly and efficiently. Once we hand off these solutions to you, we follow them through to hardware implementation. We are ready to help at any step in the process.

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If You Need Help Selecting a Fabricator

Your success is our product. We can help you identify the best fabricators for your system and work with you to match your needs for fabrication and assembly tolerances to the capabilities of fabricators. We can help you negotiate a competitive price and achieve the quality you require.

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