VC Formal Training Videos

Learn Techniques at Your Own Pace

Synopsys has made an array of training videos available to customers covering a broad set of VC Formal specific topics from basic setup to advanced methodology developed. These videos and webinars, developed by industry experts, are now available.

The training videos vary in length and detail to fit your specific needs. Some of the topics covered by the training videos include:

  • VC Formal setup, debug and introduction
  • Assertion-Based Property Verification (FPV) concepts, convergence, debug, abstraction
  • Productivity Apps such as Connectivity Checking (CC), Sequential Equivalency Checking (SEQ), and Register Verification (FRV)
  • Formal verification coverage and sign-off
  • Formal verification effective methodologies
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DVCon US 2021 - Video Presentation

CPU, GPU and AI designs are datapath heavy with unique design characteristics and require advanced verification techniques and methodology. These designs have mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplier, square root, and floating-point units (FPU). Verifying these mathematical functions using traditional methods is inefficient, time consuming and impractical. This presentation highlights the need for an innovative datapath validation solution and share best practices through customer case studies. ​*SolvNet ID & password required to view.