LED Utility Product Overview

LED Design Simulation Software for Novel LED Structures

The LED Utility™[1] accurately simulates novel LED structures and all materials involved. The utility simplifies common tasks associated with LED design and aids in the rigorous computation of extraction ratios and radiation patterns. It utilizes the RSoft CAD to describe the geometry and material properties and RSoft's flagship simulation tool FullWAVE to model the LED. The RSoft CAD interface is a fully parametric, highly flexible, and user-friendly design environment with 3D editing capabilities to simplify the description of complex LED geometries. The underlying FullWAVE simulation is based on the Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) algorithm which is an ab-initio approach for solving Maxwell's equations with no inherent approximation, which is well suited to accurately model the intricacies of an LED structure.

[1]The LED Utility provides users of FullWAVE, RSoft's optical simulation tool, the functionality described here. All simulation tools are licensed separately.


  • Rigorous optical simulation is performed by RSoft's FullWAVE simulation tool
  • Automated optical simulation of incoherent LED structures
  • Fully integrated into the RSoft Multi Variable Scanning and Optimization tool, MOST
  • Advanced capabilities allow for clustered simulation environment for massive computational increases in speed and efficiency
  • Fully integrated into the RSoft CAD Environment.


  • LED design
  • LED extraction efficiency optimization
  • Studying effect of patterns on LED operation

Spectrum of extraction ratio for pulsed simulation


Schematic of a LED structure with 2D Photonic Crystal grating on top for extraction enhancement

Radiation plot for patterned LED

Working mechanism of extraction enhancement with PhC Grating


  • Arbitrary LED geometry can be created in the RSoft CAD
  • Periodic arrays can easily be generated using new Dynamic Array Layout
  • Material dispersion can be included
  • Rigorous optical modeling via RSoft's FullWAVE tool
  • User-defined radiation spectrum
  • Outputs extraction ratio and radiation patterns

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