Tapered Laser Utility Product Overview

Simulation Software for Tapered Semiconductor Laser Diodes

The Tapered Laser Utility™[1] provides an efficient and accurate design tool for analyzing and optimizing tapered semiconductor laser diodes. It essentially combines two of RSoft's most powerful and mature simulation tools, BeamPROP and LaserMOD, to provide a full 3D simulation of tapered laser diodes. The quasi-3D electrical, quantum mechanical gain and thermal calculations are performed via LaserMOD, whereas the optical field is propagated via BeamPROP.

[1] The Tapered Laser Utility provides owners of BeamPROP and LaserMOD the functionality described here. All simulation tools are licensed separately.

Computed light-current and current-voltage characteristics

TL Utility computed stabilized field profiles along different sections of the tapered laser


  • Leverages the power of RSoft's BeamPROP and LaserMOD simulation tools for use with tapered semiconductor laser diode applications.
  • Fully integrated into the RSoft CAD Environment.


  • Tapered laser diode design.


  • Fully integrated with RSoft's BeamPROP and LaserMOD simulation packages to automatically compute tapered laser characteristics.
  • Self-consistent optical, electronic and thermal simulation.
  • Extensible material libraries.
  • Output information includes L-I curves, I-V curves, spatial field plots, far fields etc.
  • Capable of simulating physical effects like spatial hole burning, filamentation, over pumping etc.

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