PrimeWave Design Environment

PrimeWave Design Environment for simulation setup and analysis of analog, RF, mixed-signal design.

Unified Workflow Driven Environment for Simulation and Reliability Analysis

The Synopsys PrimeWave Design Environment is a comprehensive and flexible, AI-driven environment for simulation setup and analysis of analog, RF, mixed-signal design, custom-digital and memory designs within the Synopsys Custom Design Family. It delivers a seamless simulation experience around all the engines of Synopsys PrimeSim™ simulators, with comprehensive analysis, improved productivity, and ease of use.

As a key component of the Synopsys AI-Driven Analog Design solution, the Synopsys PrimeWave Design Environment can optimize complex analog designs, across multiple test-benches and hundreds of PVT corners and quickly converge on optimal design points that meet engineer’s specifications.

The PrimeWave Design Environment also offers a unified workflow driven analysis for all PrimeSim Reliability Analysis applications consisting of guided analysis setup, intuitive visualization and debug and root-causing capabilities to enable a reliability aware design methodology.

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