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Listen to lectures presented by Professor Mohammed Ismail and Professor Mohammad Alhawari from the WINCAS Center of Excellence at Wayne State University. In these lectures analog design engineers will learn about the design, and verification of an ADC for 5G V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) application, using the GlobalFoundries (GF) 22 nm FDSOI technology. 

Professor Ismail

Mohammed Ismail

Chair & Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering , Wayne State University 

Professor Alwarhi

Mohammad Alhawari

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University

Lecture 1: Introduction to 5G Technology in the Automotive Industry

  • Introduction to the 5G in Automotive Industry
  • TI SAR ADCs for multiband V2X applications  
  • Introduction to GF 22 nm FDSOI Technology

Lecture 2: Design of the Track and Hold Circuit

  • Design of the Track and Hold circuit

Lecture 3: Choosing Capacitor Types for a DAC in Monotonic SAR ADCs

  • Choosing capacitor types for DAC in Monotonic SAR ADC
  • Comparator design and kickback noise

Lecture 4: Monotonic SAR Logic Design Issues

  • Monotonic SAR Logic Design issues
  • Robustness of SAR ADC across all corners
  • SAR ADC Top level Design

Lecture 5: Mitigation of Time Skew in TI SAR ADC Generated by MUX for V2X

  • Mitigation of Time skew in TI SAR ADC generated by MUX for V2X application 

Lecture 6: Layout Challenges of a SAR ADC

  • Layout challenges of a SAR ADC

Lecture 7: Mitigation of Time Skew in TI SAR ADC

  • Mitigation of time skew in TI SAR ADC
  • Layout challenges of TI SAR ADC

Lecture 8: Validating Design Robustness Across Corners and Monte Carlo Simulation

  • Characterizing statistical variation in a comparator with Monte Carlo simulation

Lecture 9: Effect of Aging in GF 22nm FDSOI

  • Aging simulation of comparator
  • Electromigration simulation of SAR ADC