PrimeSim Pro

Next-generation FastSPICE Delivering 2 - 5x Faster Runtime

PrimeSim Pro for analysis of DRAM and Flash memory

PrimeSim Pro delivers industry leading performance and capacity for DRAM, Flash memory and mixed-signal verification

PrimeSim™ Pro simulator, an essential part of the PrimeSim™ solution, represents a next generation FastSPICE architecture for fast and high-capacity analysis of modern DRAM and Flash memory designs. The new architecture is highly optimized to handle full-chip memory and CMOS image sensor designs with high bandwidth, large power delivery networks and strict density requirements. Additionally, PrimeSim Pro has a unique heterogeneous enabled GPU acceleration for even faster performance. PrimeSim Pro is fully integrated with PrimeWave™, a newly architected design environment and waveform viewer that encapsulates analysis and display requirements that significantly improves productivity. PrimeSim Pro is a key engine inside PrimeSim™ Reliability Analysis solution, a set of comprehensive solutions (Fault simulation, Static Circuit Check, MOS Aging, IR/EM, Variation) that analyze the full spectrum of a product life cycle from early-life to end-of-life.

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