Enabling Fast and Secure Data Transfers for Advanced SoCs

AI models’ demand for computational power is escalating at an unprecedented rate, with trillions of parameters needing to be processed in data centers as fast and reliably as possible. To meet the high bandwidth, low latency and secure data transfers required for AI workload's demands, while ensuring broad ecosystem interoperability, Synopsys offers a complete IP solution for PCIe 7.0. The standards-based solution, consisting of PHY, controller, IDE security module, and verification IP, provides secure data transfers up to 512 GB/s bidirectional in a x16 configuration to mitigate data bottlenecks. With over two decades of PCI Express experience, Synopsys offers designers an early start for next generation HPC and AI SoCs to accelerate the path to production.

Key Benefits

Enable wide ecosystem interoperability

Achieve wide ecosystem interoperability extensively tested, pre-verified PCIe 7.0 IP solution 

Meet AI and HPC SoC performance demands

Enable up to 512 GB/s bandwidth & reduce power up to 50% compared to prior generations

Secure data against malicious attacks

Protect data transfers by ensuring confidentiality and integrity with pre-verified IDE Security IP Module for PCIe 7.0

Speed design verification closure

Accelerate validation and verification closure with built-in protocol checks using Synopsys Verification IP


  • Supports the latest features of PCIe® 7.0 specification

  • Supports PAM-4 signaling and up to x16 lane configurations with bifurcation

  • Unique DSP algorithms deliver best-in-class power efficiency across channels 

  • Patent-pending diagnostic features enable near zero link downtime 

  • Supports L0p substate power state

  • Supports unordered IO traffic and multiple VCs

  • Industry's most comprehensive RAS-DES features to simplify debug and bring-up 

  • Optional multiple application interfaces for maximum throughput with x16 links 

  • Available with support for Arm Confidential Compute Architecture (CCA)

  • High-performance AES-GCM based packet encryption, decryption, authentication

  • TDISP support

  • FIPS 140-3 certification ready 

  • PCRC calculation & validation

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Synopsys offers the industry’s broadest high-speed interface IP portfolio for high-performance computing SoC designs, including complete, secure IP solutions for PCIe 7.0, 1.6T/800G Ethernet, CXL, and HBM. 


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