About Fab.da


Synopsys Fab.da is a fab-wide solution for quick and accurate decision making which improves overall fab efficiency enabling customers to meet their product delivery and cost targets. Fab.da includes powerful capabilities for process control which maximize yield and throughput by delivering highly differentiated AI/ML-based data analytics solutions. These solutions utilize Synopsys’ strengths in the modeling of fabrication processes and equipment. Fab.da is a part of Synopsys.da initiative, which brings data analytics and insights from entire chip lifecycle. 

It provides customers data scalability, performance, robustness, and upgradability, which in turn leads to improved time to market, scrap reduction, and increased user productivity. Synopsys Fab.da is cloud-ready and can access data from across the fab to enable faster production ramp and efficient high-volume manufacturing. 

Key Benefits

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No false alarms, better decisions

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Petabytes of data, connects multiple fabs, cloud ready


Accurate root cause analysis driven by AI/ML and data continuum


Easy integration with customer application

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