Synopsys & Microsoft Power Breakthrough GenAI Capability for Chip Design

Synopsys, the pioneer in AI-driven chip design, and Microsoft are taking productivity to the next level by extending with the power of GenAI and conversational intelligence to address systemic complexity in the new semiconductor era.

Unlock Massive Productivity Gains for Chip Design with Copilot

Synopsys is helping chipmakers solve their toughest semiconductor design challenges through the power of Generative AI.

Introducing the Synopsys EDA Data Analytics Solution

Shankar Krishnamoorthy introduces the industry's first full-stack big data analytics solution as a part of its EDA suite.

Is AI Reinventing the Way We Invent? | Moor Insights & Strategy Insider Podcast

On this episode of the Moor Insights & Strategy Insider Podcast, host Patrick Moorhead is joined by Dr. Thomas Andersen, Vice President, AI and Machine Learning at Synopsys Inc. During their conversation, Patrick and Thomas discuss how AI is changing the way we do business, how that is reflected in the semiconductor industry, how AI is being used to help design complex chips and more.

Panel of Experts Discuss How AI Can Help with Chip Design

Panel of industry experts discuss how artificial intelligence can help the engineering community design chips. Hear insights from distinguished architect Rob Aitken ,senior product line director Shekhar Kapoor, product management director Manmeet Walia, and systems solutions director Rita Horner.

Introducing Industry’s First Full-Stack AI-driven EDA Suite

Karl Freund, Founder and Principal Analyst at Cambrian-AI Research and Shankar Krishnamoorthy, GM of the EDA Group at Synopsys, discuss the advancement of AI and how it’s being applied to EDA tools to accelerate chip design.

Aart de Geus on at Hot Chips 2021

During his keynote address at Hot Chips 2021, Aart de Geus discussed, a ground-breaking capability from Synopsys that uses AI techniques to autonomously explore the chip design solution space. In this video, Aart details several real uses of by real designers on real projects. In all cases, identified superior solutions to what real designers could achieve in less time. 

Elevate Your Chip Design and Development with AI