Yield Management - YieldManager

Customizable yield management for IC manufacturers

YieldManager® is a customizable yield-management software system that helps integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers achieve and maintain high yields by allowing engineers to collect, correlate, analyze and share critical data. Data types include defect, review, bin sort, bitmap, parametric, MES and final test. YieldManager combines high-level correlations of disparate data sources with the rapid drill-down of data scope to expedite root cause identification, saving engineering time and focusing resources. Utilizing a unified database, YieldManager eliminates the need to maintain multiple client-server applications throughout the fab. This reduces the cost of, and simplifies, the IT infrastructure by providing a single, robust and industry-proven solution for the entire wafer fab.

YieldManager is part of the yield management product portfolio originally developed by Knights Technology. The Knights product line was acquired by Synopsys as part of its acquisition of Magma in 2012.


  • Implement a complete wafer fab solution with a single unified database
  • Expedite root cause identification. YieldManager facilitates the correlation of all types of fab data, making it easier to differentiate between symptoms and probable root causes of yield problems
  • Improve productivity through automated analysis. Analytical processes can be captured by YieldManager using its VB Script recording, editing and execution features. Reports can be customized and output to a variety of formats, including HTML and Microsoft PowerPoint®
  • Ensure data security. YieldManager 5 introduces a three-tier system approach that gives administrators powerful and versatile tools to control data flow
  • Reduce infrastructure costs with a single, reliable database solution

Reduces the Time Required to Resolve Yield Problems

Effective yield analysis requires powerful management of data from disparate sources and the ability to quickly distinguish probable root causes from symptoms. Such a solution must enable rapid correlation of various data types with meaningful statistics and graphical presentation. YieldManager provides a common data framework that permits consistent analysis methods throughout the fab, empowering multiple teams to collaborate effectively.

Figure 1: Yield Manager automate decision analysis, defect to bin probe correlation maps