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Safety-critical systems require special attention. When they fail or behave erroneously, the safety of people and the environment is at risk.

For the automotive industry, the ISO 26262 "Functional Safety – Road vehicles" is a safety standard whose regulations are aimed at ensuring safe operation. For software development, ISO 26262 defines requirements for various development phases.

Risk classes called Automotive Safety Integrity Levels, or ASILs, are determined ranging from the lowest level "ASIL-A" to the highest level "ASIL-D". Accordingly, an emergency braking control unit would be classified as safety-critical at the highest safety level ASIL-D.

Conduct ISO-Compliant Testing with TPT

With TPT, vehicle functions up to the highest safety level ASIL-D can be testet optimally. Unit Testing, Integration Tests and attributes like Tracebility, Requirements Mapping to Test Cases, Code Coverage Measurements or easy Test Case Reuse support you to meet the testing requirements of ISO 26262. 

Qualification of TPT for your projects and products within the existing toolchain is straightforward and achievable up to ASIL-D.

At Synopsys, we offer tool qualification services for your projects. Our Sales team can help you with that. 

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