About VC Execution Manager

VC Execution Manager (ExecMan) is a robust, scalable system designed to streamline the compilation, regression test execution, data collection, reporting, and tracking of the design verification process. It automates coverage-driven SoC functional verification flows, captures regression results data e, and facilitates annotation of coverage results in a planner. As a cornerstone of the Verdi® platform, VC Execution Manager comes preconfigured for VCS® simulation flows and encompasses Verdi planning and coverage functionalities. Furthermore, it offers extensive customization options and comprehensive reporting capabilities, including API access for tailored reports.

Key Benefits

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Streamlined Verification Management

Comprehensive, coordinated functionality to plan, execute, and aggregate functional coverage of regressions

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for Largest Challenges

Scales to support any design size, regression size, and number of users

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Efficient Debug and Customization

Fully extensible and customizable reports and integrated with Verdi debug capabilities

Tool Flow

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