About Testbench Quality Assurance

Synopsys Testbench Quality Assurance is the only solution that objectively measures the overall effectiveness of your verification environment. It identifies verification weaknesses that allow bugs to go undetected and lead to functional problems, silicon re-spins, and delays to market. For designs targeting automotive, Synopsys Testbench Quality Assurance provides evidence-based verification quality analysis for ISO 26262 Part 8-9 assessments.

Testbench Quality Assurance supports a broad range of verification environments, including VHDL, Verilog, System Verilog, SystemC, C/C++, software and scripting testbenches. 

Key Benefits

detect bugs

Activate, Propagate and Detect “Systematic Faults”

Expose significant weaknesses that have gone unnoticed by other tools


Identify Vulnerabilities and Holes

Data to identify vulnerabilities in the stimuli, observability, checkers and assertions as well as holes in your verification plan


Reliable and Efficient Verification

Remove uncertainty from your verification efforts


synopsys testbench quality assurance iso26262 automotive

Satisfying ISO 26262 for Automotive

The Testbench Quality Assurance system enables testbench qualification and proves the credibility of best-in-class functional verification methodology and tools. This is needed for the evidence-based verification quality analysis for ISO 26262 Part 8-9 assessments (“Supporting Processes – Verification”). 

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Operation Modes

The Testbench Quality Assurance system works in these modes: 

  1. Verification improvement mode analyzes the verification of your design and identifies specific holes and weaknesses 
  2. Metric mode objectively measures the overall quality of your verification environment 


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