Yield Management - Avalon

CAD Navigation and Debug Solutions for Failure Analysis

Avalon software system is the next-generation CAD navigation standard for failure analysis, design debug and low-yield analysis. Avalon is a power packed product with tools, features, options and networking capability that provides a complete system for fast, efficient and accurate investigation of inspection, test and analysis jobs. Avalon optimizes the equipment and personnel resources of design and semiconductor failure analysis (FA) labs by providing an easy-to-use software interface and navigation capabilities for almost every type of test and analytical failure analysis equipment.

Avalon enables closer collaboration of product and design groups with FA labs, thus dramatically improving time to yield and market. Avalon can import CAD design data from all the key design tools and several user-proprietary formats and provides visual representations of circuits that can be annotated, exploded, searched and linked with ease.


  • Improves failure analysis productivity through a common software platform for various FA equipment
  • Significantly decreases time to market with reduced FA cycle time
  • Faster problem solving by cross-mapping between device nodes to view all three design domains (layout, netlist and schematic) simultaneously
  • Increases accuracy of FA root cause analysis using advanced debug tools
  • Single application that overlays images from various FA equipment on to design layout
  • Secure access to all FA information using KDB™ database
  • Design independent system that supports all major layout versus schematic (LVS)
  • Complete access to all debug tools critical to failure trace, circuit debug and killer defect source analysis
  • Simple deployment setup with support for Linux and Windows
  • Seamless integration with legacy Camelot™ and Merlin™ databases
  • Ease of conversion for layout, netlist and schematic data and establishes cross mapping links between each data entity