Synopsys PrimeESD provides accurate full chip simulation of human body model and charge device model, including transient effects, delivers improved reliability and faster time to market. Its comprehensive simulation capabilities, integrated environment, and flexibility empower engineers to tackle ESD challenges with confidence. By accurately modeling device behaviors, eliminating false positives, and identifying transient issues, Synopsys PrimeESD ensures that semiconductor devices are robustly protected against ESD events. Its integrated environment streamlines the workflow, making ESD analysis more efficient and comprehensive. Synopsys PrimeESD highlights violations at any design stage, empowering engineers to make timely corrections, reducing the risk of costly redesigns. 


Key Benefits


Faster Time-to-Market

Early validation in the design cycle can lead to shorter development cycles and faster time-to-market.


Improved Reliability

Only soultion that addresses CDM issues and accounts for transient effects reducing the risk of costly failures . 


Lower Cost

Reduces the need for costly redesigns and retesting later in the design process


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