What Our Customers Say

What Our R&D Experts Say

Fusion Compiler delivers superior levels of power, performance and area out-of-the-box, along with industry-best turnaround time. Hear our R&D experts discus the latest innovations and how Fusion Compiler can help you achieve simply better PPA.

Voltage Optimization

Performance-per-watt has emerged as one of the highest priorities in design quality, leading to a shift in technology focus and design power optimization methodologies. Variable operating voltage possess high potential in optimizing performance-per-watt results but requires a signoff accurate and efficient methodology to explore. Synopsys Fusion Design Platform, uniquely built on a singular RTL-to-GDSII data model, delivers a full-flow voltage optimization and closure methodology to achieve the best performance-per-watt results for the most demanding semiconductor segments.

Design Success with Foundation IP & Fusion Compiler

When is 1+1 greater than 2? When using DesignWare Foundation IP & Fusion Compiler! Join Raymond and Yung in their discussion of a customer that benefited from the combination of Fusion Compiler’s machine learning and Foundation IP cells and macros. 

Fusion Compiler – Dynamic Power Shaping

Dr. Tobias Bjerregaard, Director of R&D at Synopsys, discusses how the latest innovations in power-grid integrity, deployed in Fusion Compiler in the form of dynamic-power-shaping (DPS) technology, is efficiently delivering more robust and reliable designs.

CCD Everywhere throughout the RTL-to-GDSII Design Flow with Synopsys’ Fusion Compiler

Dr. Aiqun Cao, VP of Engineering at Synopsys, discusses how Fusion Compiler’s unified physical synthesis and common optimization framework enables full-flow concurrent clock and data (CCD) optimization, while ensuring physical convergence downstream.

Golden Signoff Embedded in the RTL-to-GDSII Design Flow with Fusion Compiler

Dr. Henry Sheng, group director of R&D at Synopsys, discusses how Fusion Compiler delivers signoff-accurate PPA on high-performance, low-power designs at advanced nodes, and accelerates design schedules by eliminating late surprises and iterations.

What Our Visionaries Say

Bold, Different and Smarter: How Synopsys is Innovating to Keep You Ahead of the Curve

Sassine Ghazi, Synopsys' President and Chief Operating Officer, discusses how a revolution in digital design was started by creating a single data model for all design, and he describes how Fusion Compiler, the industry’s only RTL-to-GDSII design product, was formed.

Digital Implementation: The New Way Forward

To provide customers with better PPA and throughput for their design flows, Synopsys has re-invented design implementation with Fusion Compiler™. 

Fusion Compiler is the result of the company’s bold initiative to build a new architecture from the ground up around a single, unified data-model that fuses synthesis, place and route (P&R) and signoff technologies in an unprecedented way to maximize PPA.