Synopsys Processor IP Summit Silicon Valley

As electronic systems become more complex and integrate greater functionality, designers are faced with the challenge of developing more powerful but more energy-efficient SoCs and subsystems. For the processors that power these applications, efficiency is paramount. Synopsys’ Processor IP solutions are optimized to deliver the maximum performance for any given power or area budget.

This is a one-day event consisting of multiple tracks with presentations and demos from Synopsys experts, Synopsys Processor IP users and ecosystem partners. Attendees will hear about general electronic market trends as well as specific ARC-based solutions for a broad spectrum of embedded domains including IoT, automotive safety, embedded vision, security and much, much more.  Whether you are a developer of chips, systems or software, the Synopsys Processor IP Summit will give you practical information to help you create more differentiated products in the shortest amount of time. 

ARC Summit Partner Demos and Keynote Video