Synopsys Logos & Usage

Our logo is our most valuable asset. It is straightforward, simple, and direct, reflecting the personality of a market leader.

Care should be taken to assure that the logo is never modified and used always in a complimentary manner.

Clear Space

Synopsys logo on white background example
Synopsys logo with tag line on white background example

The stand-off (clear white space) around the logo should be the X height of the letter "S".
The logo may not be skewed, tipped, rotated, shadowed, outlined or modified in any way.

Synopsys Logo Color Variations

Color Logo

purple synopsys logo example

Black Logo

black synopsys logo example

White Logo

white synopsys logo on black background example

Color Logo with Tag Line

full color synopsys logo with tag line example

Black Logo with Tag Line

black synopsys logo with tag line example

White Logo with Tag Line

white synopsys logo with tag line on black background example


Synopsys trademarks, registered trademarks and service marks are listed on our trademarks page.