USB4 Is Here – USB-IF Ratifies USB4 specification

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Sep 03, 2019 / 1 min read

USB4 is the next generation of the Universal Serial Bus and a major update to the interface in speed and functionality. USB4 has incorporated Thunderbolt 3 capabilities, which extends support of USB interface to existing PCIE, and DisplayPort over the same USB Type-C connector. USB4 doubles the maximum overall throughput from 20Gbps to 40Gbps enabling optimized HD video and data transfer simultaneously. USB4 enables many applications using USB Type-C, which already supports power delivery, USB 3.2, USB 2.0 and other alternative protocols.

“USB4 represents a significant specification update that will require a robust certification program to ensure delivery of compliant and interoperable USB devices in the consumer market,” said USB-IF president and chief operating officer Jeff Ravencraft. “Synopsys VIP for USB4 strengthens the USB ecosystem and facilitates early adoption and rapid development of the high-performance next-generation USB architecture.”

With multiple protocols being supported, verification of a complete USB4 design will involve USB 3.x, PCIE, DisplayPort, USB4 (lane adapter and router functions). Synopsys has developed a comprehensive ­­USB4 verification subsystem, being already used by Early Adopters planning to release their first USB4 applications. Synopsys Industry’s first USB4 verification subsystem reuses proven VIPs for USB 3.x, PCIE and DisplayPort and helps users quickly integrate a complete USB4 DUT , for more details refer

USB4 is here: USB-IF ratifies USB4 specification

The USB4 VIP supports both serial and PIPE5 signals and can interface with different types of DUTs, including a USB4 PHY. Synopsys has also developed source code Test Suite of different protocols allowing users to exercise a wide range of scenarios using a set of predefined test cases.

Test Suites enable rapid verification ramp-up and coverage closure progress to accelerate the overall verification schedule.

Synopsys is the market leader for IP and VIP for USB, contributing significantly to the evolution of the USB ecosystem. We are the only provider of a complete verification solution for USB including the industry’s first subsystem verification solution, and source code Test Suite for USB4. The solution also includes VIP and source code Test Suite for USB 3.x/2.0 and Power Delivery 2.0. Read about ASIX’s Adoption of Synopsys USB Type-C Subsystem Verification Solution​.

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