Get Certified in Semiconductor Engineering

Anupama Shojaei

Apr 20, 2023 / 2 min read

How you begin your career will set the tone for your professional trajectory—it matters. Under the best of circumstances, landing a good engineering role in chip design isn’t easy, but today’s competitive job market makes it exponentially more difficult. You may have the academic chops, done stellar work in school with accolades to boot. But how can you compete in today’s environment with so many other worthy early-career semiconductor engineers when you have limited or no experience in the actual workforce? What’s the best way to stand out?

To bridge the gap from university to gainful employment, kick start your career with a Synopsys Purple Certification.


What Is Synopsys Purple Certification?

Synopsys Accelerated Customer Education offers a Purple Certification Program for engineers who are launching their careers in chip design – either engineering students currently in their final year of studies or fresh graduates. This comprehensive program gives you exposure to everything you need to get started as a silicon design, signoff, test, or verification engineer.

We've kicked off the program with the physical design track available now, and coming soon there will be a total of five tracks to choose from:

  • Physical design
  • Design Verification
  • Analog Layout
  • Design for Test
  • RTL Synthesis

Synopsys Purple Certification Badges

Synopsys Purple Certification

All tracks come with access to prerequisite courses—general training, VLSI fundamentals, and ASIC design flow. Refresh your knowledge using the self-paced content or opt to test out of the prerequisite courses by passing the exams. Exam criteria and other details may be obtained from the Synopsys Purple Certification webpage.

By taking part in a Purple Certification, you’ll get trained by trusted industry experts, and have opportunities to practice what you’ve learned with hands-on Synopsys software. Through the program, your knowledge will be assessed, and your competency validated upon completion with a user certification and badge that can be shared on social media.

A Great Resume Builder: the Training You Need Plus Hands-on Experience

We’ve carefully curated all tracks with the concrete, measurable, and achievable goal of reducing time to competency. Plus, we carefully orchestrate all sessions to give you ample time and motivation to complete the program. You can learn anytime, anywhere with self-paced video lessons, cloud labs, and online secure exams.

Synopsys Purple Certification Full Program

Why Synopsys?

Synopsys is the Silicon to Software™ partner for innovative companies developing the electronic products and software applications we rely on every day. We are a global leader in electronic design automation (EDA), semiconductor IP, and the industry’s broadest portfolio of application security tools and testing. By attaining a Purple Certification, you will leverage our longstanding expertise and reputation and the engineers behind it. Our 12-week program will get you job ready with skills and knowledge that employers are looking for. Registration for the Synopsys Purple Certification physical design track is now open. Check out our detailed curriculum descriptions, course outlines, and session dates to get started.

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