Empowering the Next Generation of Hardware and Software Engineers

Synopsys University Software Program aims to inspire and foster the next generation of technologists and innovators. We provide academic and research institutions with exclusive membership to our EDA tools and technology needed to prepare highly skilled graduates to become professionals in the world of Smart, Secure, Everything.  

Educator Toolkit

A repository of self-help resources to resolve many support issues, provide access to training, and many educational materials.  


Semester-length course contains material including syllabus, lectures, labs, homework, and exams. Synopsys tools are applied in the labs for a thorough and practical understanding of theoretical concepts introduced in each course. 


Academics can access on-demand training in SolvNetPlus for free. Courses are tailored toward various experience levels, ranging from introductory to advanced design methodology. 

Teaching Resources

Resources Generic libraries, PDKs, generic memory complier are available for students to valuable experience using a complete design flow and to master advanced design methods.


The Support Center is made available for member universities.


Visit the FAQ for more information.


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