Prototyping in Automotive

Prototyping in Automotive Systems

Accelerate and Collaborate on the Development of Automotive Systems from Semiconductor, Tier 1, and OEMs

Automotive electronic content is facing rapid changes driven by the need for more fuel efficient, greener, safer, connected and secure vehicles. Powertrain, HEV/EV, chassis, advanced driver assistance and infotainment systems are significantly impacted by evolving vehicle architecture and subsystem definition, more powerful hardware MCUs and SoCs, increased software content, new wired and wireless networking requirements and the need for more testing in support of standards such as ISO 26262. Integrating prototyping automotive solutions in the automotive supply chain development process enables automotive semiconductor, tier 1 and OEM companies to accelerate development, improve productivity, reduce costs and deliver higher quality from hardware and software to electronic control unit (ECU) and vehicles. 

Synopsys Automotive Prototyping Solutions

Significantly increase test throughput using Synopsys Virtual Hardware ECU solution
More and faster testing is required for automotive ECUs. Deploying a virtual hardware ECU test bench enables higher quality at every development milestone. From integration, RAM/Memory corruption, fault and coverage testing to fully automated regression, continuous integration significantly reduces overall testing time in support of ISO 26262.

Start SW development, integration and test earlier with Synopsys Virtualizer Development Kits
Get started 12-18 months before a new MCU, SoC or ECU hardware is available. From complex driver, MCAL development, OS porting to multicore software and programmable hardware accelerator algorithm, avoid the big bang of untested hardware and software integration.

Accelerate semiconductor go-to-market through Center of Excellence collaboration and enablement
Start engagements earlier, simplify delivery and support, enable faster customer development, improve satisfaction, and accelerate time to revenue. Synopsys has partnered with leading automotive MCU and SoC vendors such as Renesas , Infineon, NXP through our Center of Excellence to accelerate the development and deployment of automotive VDKs.

Collaborative early architecture analysis for performance and power with Platform Architect Ultra
To reduce the risk of over-design and under-design, semiconductor, tier 1 and OEM companies need to work together more efficiently. Collaboration based on accurate executable virtual prototypes and realistic application use cases leads to exploration, optimization, validation, and communication of architecture decisions earlier in the design cycle.

Improve ASIC design schedule using Prototyping
From ADAS vision, infotainment and audio SoCs with complex peripherals and hardware accelerators to automotive specific ASICs, Synopsys’ integrated and scalable physical prototyping solution enables automotive design and verification teams to improve their design schedules and avoid costly device re-spins.

Get feedback in minutes for automotive application software with Virtual ECUs 
To conquer the complexity of software-intensive vehicle systems, the development process should be virtualized by shifting software development steps from prototype vehicles, test rigs and HiL (hardware in the loop) to the PC of the function developer.