Synopsys White Paper

Automated Constraint Management for Faster Designer Productivity

Constraints management helps shorten the designer’s manual constraints transformation effort across the design cycle with automated constraints management flows. The management of constraints refers to tasks that are not associated with verifying the correctness of constraints, nor associated with the generation of constraints, but with the transformation of constraints from one form to another and the subsequent verification of the integrity of the transformation. Synopsys Timing Constraints Manager can help to address the following constraint management flows: 

  • The mapping of constraints from one design representation to another, also known as constraints mapping
  • The promotion of block-level constraints to the top-level, also known as constraints promotion
  • The demotion of top-level constraints to the block-level, also known as constraints demotion
  • The verification that two designs with two different sets of constraints are equivalently constrained, also known as constraints equivalency

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