Simpleware for Complex Materials Modeling

Simpleware software | Materials Modeiling

3D image processing and meshing software

Simpleware software is used for 3D image data (CT, micro-CT, FIB-SEM...) segmentation, 3D image processing and model generation for complex materials analysis. Characterize composite microstructures and use powerful meshing software tools to export models to FE and CFD solvers. Rapidly obtain qualitative and quantitative information from your 3D image data, including effective material properties.

Visualize and Process Image Data

  • Visualize image data in 2D and 3D
  • Segment materials into regions of interest, including porous fiber networks
  • Use watershed tools to segment particles
  • Generate animations

Measure Image Data and Obtain Statistics

  • Measure distances, angles (fracture dimensions...)
  • Compute statistics for regions of interest and models (volume, surface area, average greyscale, material properties, porosity...)
  • Use centerline statistics
  • Create user-defined statistics

Generate Meshes for FE and CFD

Segmented image data can be exported as simulation-ready multi-domain meshes using FE and CFD meshing software tools, ready to use in all leading solvers.

  • Meshes feature conforming interfaces and shared nodes
  • Define FE contact pairs, node sets and shells
  • Define CFD boundary conditions
  • Assign material properties
  • Map fibre orientation and density to meshes for simulation
  • Optimize mesh quality to specific metrics

Calculate Effective Material Properties

The modules Simpleware SOLID (elastostatic properties), Simpleware FLOW (absolute permeability) and Simpleware LAPLACE (electrical conductivity/thermal conductivity, molecular diffusivity), enable calculation of effective material properties. Quantify scanned composite samples with an easy-to-use software workflow.

  • Use full FE-based simulations with built-in solver or quick calculation of analytical bounds (SOLID, LAPLACE)
  • Reduce effects of boundary conditions
  • Visualize fields obtained from FE simulations
  • Export results as text and image files

Use Scripting to Automate Workflows

The software's functionality can be accessed using an integrated scripting interface, using Python and C# languages. Macro recording and a log history converter can also be used to automate steps, as well as using the scripting API to write and edit scripts. User-created plug-ins can be incorporated within the software to improve efficiency when processing image data.

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