Simulate and Optimize Photonic Devices—
Create PDKs, Add Custom Devices

Synopsys Photonic Device Compiler is Synopsys' solution for Photonic IC designers and PDK developers to design, analyze, optimize, and utilize photonic devices within Synopsys' Unified Electrical and Photonic Design Platform.

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are efficiently simulated using (simplified) models from a model library provided as part of a PDK to represent individual components in the circuit. One problem is the lack of complete and mature model libraries, partly due to the current maturity of the ecosystem, and partly because of the wide variety of photonic devices required to address a certain application. PIC technology is vastly different than digital design and largely different than electrical analog mixed signal design. Most devices are optimized for a certain function, wavelength, fabrication process, etc.

Synopsys Photonic Device Compiler provides a wide range of physical simulation methods into a single tool and adds automation to take the results of the device design cycle and add it to a custom or personal device library, a PDK, or IP library. The created custom devices can be used in Synopsys’ PIC software solutions for schematic capture, circuit level simulation, layout and verification. With Synopsys Photonic Device Compiler, you use industry’s most comprehensive set of photonic device simulators seamlessly integrated with Sentaurus TCAD, the industry-leading process and electrical device simulation tools.  

Photonic Device Compiler Flow | Synopsys

Features & Benefits

An All-In-One Solution with Seamless Integration

Synopsys Photonic Device Compiler is a complete solution for photonic device simulation, analysis, and optimization. This solution works seamlessly with Synopsys OptoCompiler, Synopsys OptSim Elite, and IC Validator.

Create Custom Libraries and Devices, Design, Simulate, and Optimize for Foundries

Photonic Device Compiler Library Generation | Synopsys

Synopsys Photonic Device Compiler creates custom libraries that can be used with Synopsys OptoCompiler. Custom devices from Synopsys Photonic Device Compiler can be used in conjunction with a foundry provided PDK.

Design, simulate, and optimize passive and active integrated photonic devices for a targeted foundry. Create symbols, layouts, and simulation models for Synopsys OptoCompiler and Synopsys OptSim.