TestMAX Diagnosis

Fast and Accurate Silicon Defect Isolation

Synopsys TestMAX Diagnosis analyzes defective silicon results to determine the corresponding defect locations. It delivers unparalleled runtime, ensuring high accuracy of silicon defect candidates for failure analysis. TestMAX Diagnosis complements TestMAX ATPG and utilizes the same design database.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly finds silicon defect candidates for failure analysis
  • Fast startup with reuse of TestMAX ATPG design image
  • High throughput with parallel diagnostics of multiple fail logs
  • Isolation of systemic defects with volume diagnostics supported by Yield Explorer

Key Features

  • Highly optimized, memory-efficient analysis and fault simulation engines for order of magnitude faster diagnostics run time
  • Fine-grained multithreading across multiple cores overcomes memory bottlenecks
  • Identical diagnostic results across different server configurations, machines, and core use for consistent analysis
  • Physical diagnostics for accurate defect isolation
  • Integration with the database for TestMAX ATPG for consistent results
  • Advanced fault models for high resolution and accuracy: standard and slack-based transition, cell-aware, static/dynamic bridging, path delay, and hold-time