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This year's event brought together Synopsys’ Digital Design Technical Symposium and Verification Day into a single event - Synopsys Silicon Realization TechSummit.  Participants from Arm, Broadcom, Datapelago, Deca Technologies, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, NXP, Samsung, SiFive, Stanford University, Synopsys and Ventana Micro shared their insights on three of the hottest industry topics right now;  The Move to Multi-Die, Energy Efficient Design and Reliability, Resiliency, Security. 

The Move to Multi-Die - Panel
An Industry Perspective on the Coming of Age of Multi-die Design


Jayanthi Pallinti Broadcom, Craig Bishop Deca Technologies, 

Vivek Rajan - Intel,  Sooyong Kim - Samsung,  

David Kruckemyer Ventana Micro


Panel Moderator: Rob Aitken - Synopsys

The Move to Multi-Die - Synopsys Presentation
New Dimensions, New Opportunities: Sparking a New Age of Innovation with Multi-Die Design

Multi-die architectures are emerging as a catalyst, sparking continued innovation and opening up new opportunities in broad market applications, including AI, high-performance computing, and mobile. This presentation will discuss the “coming of age” of multi-die design and highlight Synopsys’ software-to-silicon system-level solution that is enabling the next wave of transformative products.

Shekhar Kapoor, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Synopsys

Energy Efficient Design - Panel
1000X Improvement in Energy Efficiency: What’s a chip got to do with it?


Anand Iyer - Datapelago, Atul Walimbe - Intel,  

Bijal Shah - NVIDIA, Rohit Kumar SiFive, 

Vishal Khandelwal - Synopsys


Panel Moderator: Rob Aitken - Synopsys

Energy Efficient Design - Synopsys Presentation
A Vision for Software-Driven Energy Efficient Design

Synopsys presents industry trends for energy efficient design, along with its vision and solutions for a ‘shift-left’ methodology. Topics include architectural tradeoffs, power profiling with real software workloads, RTL design for low power, RTL power regressions, power-driven implementation, and power signoff.

Solaiman Rahim, Group Director, R&D, Synopsys

Reliability, Resiliency, Security - Panel
What is the Cure for All Our Reliability, Resiliency, and Security Woes?


Ghani Kanawati - Arm, Serge Leef Microsoft,  

Vatsa Prahallada - NXP,  Subhasish Mitra Stanford University


Panel Moderator: Adam Cron - Synopsys

Reliability, Resiliency, Security - Synopsys Presentation
Reliable and Secure Silicon Throughout the Lifecycle

The future of silicon health management is hardware analytics and test. In this session you will learn how Synopsys verification, signoff and silicon lifecycle management (SLM) solutions are enabling secure, reliable, and resilient silicon.

Adam Cron, Distinguished Architect, Synopsys