40% Faster Time to Results with Synopsys Cloud

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Synopsys Cloud is a software platform that enables delivery of EDA tools, IP and infrastructure for end-to-end chip design through a browser. Using its unique FlexEDA business model and license management services, you can scale EDA workloads with extreme flexibility.

In this personalized deep-dive technical session, our subject matter experts will help you explore how Synopsys Cloud can significantly accelerate your chip design project through: 

  • Unlimited access to EDA licenses on demand by the minute
  • End-to-end license management automation
  • Seamless burst to cloud from on-prem with real-time data sync 
  • Complete EDA environment setup in a day 
  • Access from on-prem, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or a complete browser-based SaaS environment
Synopsys Cloud

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