Accelerate Biomedical Optics Design for Light-Based Tech

Optical Solutions Editorial Team

Oct 14, 2020 / 1 min read

Illumination optics play a key role in biomedical technologies ranging from illuminators for microscopy and endoscopy to wearable monitoring and diagnostic devices. These illumination optical systems require sophisticated light propagation analysis to verify design performance.

Specialized LightTools Features for Tissue Modeling

LightTools offers specialized features that are particularly useful in the biomedical field for modeling tissue. For example, the Henyey-Greenstein option in LightTools allows you to define volume scattering properties of a material. This volume scattering type has the advantage of using only one variable to describe the angular scattering distribution. You can obtain this parameter from medical literature in order to model specific types of tissue.

Biomedical Optics

Head model created from image data using Synopsys Simpleware software (left). LightTools visualization of volumetric scattering layers after running the illumination simulation (right). Simpleware and LightTools can be used in conjunction to run detailed optical scenarios in 3D anatomical models for biomedical applications.

Co-Simulations with Simpleware for Advanced Diagnostics

LightTools also supports co-simulations with Synopsys Simpleware software to develop light-based technologies for advanced biomedical diagnostics and treatments. Simpleware software provides advanced CAD and Simulation-Ready 3D Anatomical Models that can be exported to LightTools to accurately reproduce real-world optical scenarios for medical devices.

Expert Consulting for Biomedical Optical Systems

LightTools and Simpleware offer powerful capabilities for designing biomedical optics. If your R&D team is strapped for time, Synopsys’ experienced staff of illumination optical engineers can also help you develop biomedical optical systems. Whether you require a project solution from start to finish, or need assistance with a step in the middle, Synopsys’ team of consulting engineers can provide optical designs that work in hardware implementation and are manufacturable.

Further Learning and Resources

Read this datasheet to learn more about Synopsys’ solutions for biomedical optics design, including a case study describing biological tissues simulation.

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