Silicon Photonic IC Design Solution on Synopsys Cloud

Yuval Shay

Apr 18, 2023 / 2 min read

Synopsys Cloud

Unlimited access to EDA software licenses on-demand

Exactly a year ago in March 2022, we launched Synopsys Cloud. Synopsys Cloud is a comprehensive platform that enables our customers to perform their entire design flow on the Cloud. Synopsys Cloud aims to meet our customers’ needs wherever that might be. In the past year, some of our customers have decided to Bring-Your-Own-Cloud (BYOC), and connect to our FlexEDA pay-per-use usage metering services to take advantage of essentially unlimited EDA tools during periods of peak demand. Some other customers have decided to completely trust Synopsys to deliver EDA software, compute and storage infrastructure, as well as flow, CAD, and IT support while they focus on their core business of design. In both cases, these vanguard customers find that they are able to simultaneously achieve their objectives of quicker Time-to-Result (TTR), better Quality-of-Results (QoR), and much lower Cost-of-Results (CoR).

Photonic SaaS Instance: Browser-Based Design

The Synopsys Cloud Photonics Instance, a Software-as-a-Service model, makes available a complete front-to-back electronic/photonic IC design flow through a flexible cloud-based environment, giving designers unprecedented flexibility for provisioning hardware and design tools.

Synopsys, EDA, and the Cloud

Synopsys is the industry’s largest provider of electronic design automation (EDA) technology used in the design and verification of semiconductor devices, or chips. With Synopsys Cloud, we’re taking EDA to new heights, combining the availability of advanced compute and storage infrastructure with unlimited access to EDA software licenses on-demand so you can focus on what you do best – designing chips, faster. Delivering cloud-native EDA tools and pre-optimized hardware platforms, an extremely flexible business model, and a modern customer experience, Synopsys has reimagined the future of chip design on the cloud, without disrupting proven workflows.


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Synopsys technology drives innovations that change how people work and play using high-performance silicon chips. Let Synopsys power your innovation journey with cloud-based EDA tools. Sign up to try Synopsys Cloud for free!

About The Author

Yuval Shay is a Director of product management and marketing at Synopsys, responsible for the Custom Design Solution. Prior to joining Synopsys, Yuval held product management positions at Cadence Design Systems, responsible for Custom and Analog Mixed-Signal design products and solutions, prior to that, Yuval spent over 15 years at STMicroelectronics in various engineering roles.

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