How Synopsys Interns Helped to Transform Company’s Digital Creation Landscape

Robert Petrosyan

Nov 09, 2023 / 4 min read

Are you a student wondering how your summer internship can lead to tangible results? Look no further for inspiration as we present the remarkable journey of two former interns, Sanya Sharma and Cass Li, who turned their experiences at Synopsys into a true success story. Their stories are a testament to how hard work, passion, and the right environment can help interns not only learn but also make a significant impact. Let's dive into their experiences and the exceptional projects they undertook during their recent internships.

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Sanya Sharma: Digital Marketing Intern

Sanya Sharma is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Sanya joined Synopsys as a digital marketing intern in the Global Marketing and Communications (GMC) department. 

She shared her motivation for choosing Synopsys, saying, “I chose to intern at Synopsys because it offered a dynamic intersection of marketing and cutting-edge technology. I was excited about the opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain exposure to rapidly evolving tech trends.”

During her internship, Sanya worked on several impactful projects that made a real difference. Through her work, Sanya boosted online content visibility, increased brand exposure, and facilitated easy access to product information. She noted, "Working on these projects provided me with a wealth of knowledge and skills. I gained a deep understanding of SEO [search engine optimization] and AEO [answer engine optimization] strategies, which are essential in today's digital marketing landscape."


sanya sharma

One of the most valuable aspects of her internship was the mentorship she received from senior employees. As Sanya highlighted, "They played a pivotal role in my professional development by offering insights into the intricacies of digital marketing, sharing their experiences, and helping me navigate complex challenges. These mentorship relationships were invaluable in shaping my approach to project management and strategy development. The company’s commitment to mentorship demonstrates its dedication to nurturing talent and promoting growth among interns."

Sanya also mentioned the big impact of Synopsys resources and collaborative culture on her learning and growth. She says, “The company supported my learning and growth by providing access to relevant training resources, workshops, and industry research. Additionally, my colleagues were always willing to share their expertise and offer guidance, which significantly accelerated my learning curve. Synopsys fostered an environment of continuous learning and encouraged interns like me to take ownership of our projects while providing the necessary support and feedback.”

Her favorite part of the internship was seeing the tangible impact of her work. "It was incredibly rewarding to witness the increased website traffic and engagement resulting from our SEO and AEO efforts," Sanya said.

Cass Li: UX Design Intern

Cass Li, a UC Berkeley undergraduate, is double majoring in data science and cognitive science. During her internship at Synopsys, she worked as a UX design intern, where her mission was to introduce efficiency and consistency in Synopsys's digital creation landscape. Cass enthusiastically recalled her decision to join Synopsys: "After my first call with my manager, I was immediately on board because I saw that interning at Synopsys was a summer of impact and growth."

Cass worked on designing a system to improve the webpage authoring experience within the company. She also developed documentation for content templates to ensure consistency in content creation. She is particularly proud of her initiative to introduce design tokens—visual and functional properties used to maintain consistency in design systems— in the design system, fundamentally changing workflows for the creative and development teams. Her work had a significant impact on the global site's look and feel, aligning with the “One Synopsys” company vision. Cass said, "My structured and technical approach to organizing and redefining the look and feel of the global site is a concrete implementation of the grand One Synopsys company vision."

cass li

While Cass is proud of her work, there’s much more that she is thankful for, explaining: “I’m grateful for all the professional guidance and warm support I received from everyone in office. My immediate team taught me more than I could ever ask for — innovation, passion, communication, leadership, decision-making, balance, industry knowledge, and so much more.”

Cass' dedication and the quality of her work were highly praised by her colleagues. Branden FitzPatrick, Cass’ manager, noted, "Cass has far exceeded our expectations in a great way. This token concept we plan to use to enforce brand consistency is something that's very important to our plan to improve the experience of our website and other digital properties."

Spark Your Career with an Internship

Sanya and Cass's experiences at Synopsys demonstrate how internships can be transformative, not just for personal growth but for making real contributions to the company. Their passion, dedication, and the supportive environment at Synopsys led them to success. These success stories show that with the right mindset and a nurturing workplace, interns can truly make a difference in their chosen fields.

If you're looking for an internship that can change your life, consider following in Sanya and Cass's footsteps at Synopsys.

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